Rubedo to tour as B Dolan’s backing band

Denver based alchemy psych band RUBEDO will be hitting the road at the end of February to tour as B DOLAN’S backing band. They will be playing their own set as well as backing up Wheelchair Sports Camp. 3 sets every night on a 3 week tour is pretty bad ass....

Fit To Bust Fest

We are super excited to be hosting our first mini festival in the beloved San Joaquin Valley town of Visalia, CA on Sunday, March 1st. The “Fit To Bust Fest” is exactly what it will be. Crowded and cramped. 6 rad bands mostly made up of Visalia natives and...

Couches “Mostly Lazy” Spring Tour

COUCHES set out on yet another month long tour this Spring and will be hitting the the “Fit To Bust Fest” and the “Treefort Music Fest” along the way. Our good friends H GRIMACE, from London, UK will be joining them on the road. Catch them in a...

Pony Village’s New Album

   Portland based indie band Pony Village will be releasing their brand new album “Wouldn’t You Like To Know” this Spring and it is an amazing album. More info to come soon, but for now check out the track ‘Bad Timing’...


COUCHES “Slackin’ Since The 80s” 12″ EP

That’s right, fun: a trait sorely missed in much of the indie landscape. Stripping away all musical pretense, this Bay Area based three-piece has an unabashedly straightforward, joyful approach, where a super tight rhythm section and catchy guitar hooks blasted through a Big Muff pedal are all the band needs to melt some minds and bob some heads. You’ll find them doing just that any given night across the US.

“This album is so good. ‘Train of Thought’ sounds like a Light Up Gold bonus track and “Don’t Slay the Dreamers” is achingly pretty.” – Canvasback Music

CHUNG ANTIQUE “Sweater Weather 12″ LP
“Sweater Weather has updated, perfected and gilded intertwining, riff/metallic-punctuated underground instrumental music — post-rock to math-metal and beyond — and made it more human than any band has since this stuff was invented in the ‘80s. These songs are flat-out beautiful. I am recommending Sweater Weather harder than I have recommended an album in ages… my #1 album of 2014.” -Andrew Earles, Still Single
COUCHES “California” 7″
Catchy hooks with nice comfortable melodies, their debut single “California” talks about the life and times of living in a corrupt country where you’re practically told how to think and how to live your life, even in the amazing state of California.
ONE HUNDRED PERCENT “All Teeth And Nails” 12″ LP
A soaring, hazily sky-written shoegaze melody that seamlessly morphs into a blitz of post-punk percussion, and finishes with a Sonic Youth-esque freakout.
Dreamy, folk-tinged indie rock for the good, the bad, and the ugly.
“Mission-based indie rock band Upstairs Downstairs juxtaposes dark, atmospheric lyrics with lush folk-pop melodies, crafting the perfect soundtrack for foggy, rainy days in the city.” -Local Frequency music blog on