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Chung Antique
"Sweater Weather"
One Hundred Percent
"All Teeth And Nails"
COUCHES "California" 7"

A San Francisco based three piece indie slacker rock band that like to party. Couches are a heavy touring band, have only been together for 7 months and they are about to play their 50th show. Impressive. Catchy hooks with nice comfortable melodies, their debut single "California" talks about the life and times of living in a corrupt country where your practically told how to think and how to live your life, even in the amazing state of California.

Dreamy, folk-tinged indie rock for the good, the bad, and the ugly. "Mission-based indie rock band Upstairs Downstairs juxtaposes dark, atmospheric lyrics with lush folk-pop melodies, crafting the perfect soundtrack for foggy, rainy days in the city." -Local Frequency music blog on Sfweekly.com
PAGIINS "Good Things Take Time" and "Bad Things Don't" 12" EP (2 EPs on 1 record)

"Pagiins produce energetic garage-rock with furious hooks and tongue-in-cheek humor. Several of their songs begin with an odd vocal outburst, sometimes sounding like an angry rodent, before unleashing a polished wave of guitars and dexterous percussion. Upon listening to their recently released Good Things Take Time EP , their sound instantly reminded me of a cross between Thomas Function and The Walkmen, with the strong rhythmic grasp of The Pixies thrown in for good measure. The first track on the EP, "What's the Point?", seems apt for a party with its gleeful guitar-heavy approach and jubilant na-na-na-ing. It's almost the weekend, so this seems about right." - Mike Mineo, Obscure Sound

CANNONS AND CLOUDS "A Challenge To The Dark" 12" EP

San Francisco's Cannons and Clouds assert tastefully designed, melody-forward, vocally charged, heavy "Indie Post-Rock". Both wistful and dynamic, their music is accentuated by slow-building crescendos, rich multi-part vocal harmonies, and soaring layers of electrically sonic, face-melting, soul-crushing, kegel-clenching convergences of both rhythmic and melodic psychedelia. All while maintaing a propensity for integrating unfeigned ballads and confessional narratives into their manifold framework.

High Horse "Samples Of Examples" 12" LP

Arizona's newest rock and roll act, High Horse, is pleasantly uncomplicated, an elementary, bare bones attempt to prove that the last decade has been one of their genres best. High Horse is how indie rock (or just plain rock and roll) needs to be done.

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Li Xi "Macro Garden" 7"
20-027 7" SIngle with digital download

San Francisco synth pop at its finest.
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